The One With The Asking

Saturday: I asked my dad to buy me something that I would be needing sa school knowing that next month pa schedule nya mag harvest sa farm at medyo gipit, may back up plan ako on how to comply my exams if wala pang budget to buy it.

Monday: Binili ako ni Daddy 

How my dad provides for my need reminds me of my heavenly Father and how many good gifts have I missed just because I lack faith in asking and always settle for my back up plans.


The One with the Late Realization

Some friends would find it easy to ask for a favor from me, mainly because I’m a yes (wo)man…and maybe because I do it for free. (sanay sa free lunch, mem)

There are also friends who would only message me if they needed me to do something for them, some would start with the usual “uy kamusta?” others well, diretso sa utos at pag na send mo na yung pinagawa rereplyan ka lang ng “👍”! AWUW.

Actually, last week pa ng huli akong mautusan ngayon ko lang na realize na ayyyy na taken for granted ako, na hurt ako ng slight. Slight lang, na over power pa rin ng pagka phlegmatic ko.

Napatanong ako sa sarili ko bakit may mga tao na ang hirap hingan ng favor at sila naman naka subscribe ata sa UNLIFAVORMAYA999.

Ang sagot…

If gagamitin mo ‘yong mga kaya  mong gawin para sa tao sa palibot mo na guage sa kakayahan nilang ibalik eto sayo eh hindi na yun service, economics na yun.

So if hihingan ako ulit ng favor, malamang gagawin ko pa rin kasi hello! mas masaya kaya mag serve kesa mag kwenta ng kurba ng supply at demand.

The One with the Inappropriate Reply

I cracked a joke about having a date when the truth is I have an important dental appointment. (ayan kasi nag volunteer maging patient)

And you replied with a joke about bringing a contraceptive.

Iha naman na activate tuloy tita mode ko.

🎶 Batang bata ka pa at marami ka pang kailangang malaman at intindihin sa mundo at yan ay totoo 🎶

Hay. There are days that I feel like I’m too old for all these. With my current batchmates, I sometimes feel like I’m surrounded by kids. Iba yung level nila. But when I’m around my original batchmates I feel like I’m too young. I feel like a kid around young professionals. Ibang level na din sila.

I’m too young and too old at the same time. I’m in between, no wonder I feel like floating.

UM Open Admissions : A Clean Slate


         “A leading institution of higher learning recognized for its quality transformative education serving the nation and the world.” – University of Mindanao, Vision

         University of Mindanao is one of the numerous schools in the Philippines with an open admission policy. The dictionary defines open admissions as “a policy of admitting applicant to an institution, especially a university, regardless of previous academic record or grades.”

       As the first school to offer tertiary education in Southern Mindanao, It was the founders’ vision to provide education to its people especially the underprivileged. It is in line with this vision that the university continues to serve the nation through its open admission policy.

          John Holt on his book How Children Learn said that  “The anxiety children feel at constantly being tested, their fear of failure, punishment, and disgrace, severely reduces their ability both to perceive and to remember, and drives them away from the material being studied into strategies for fooling teachers into thinking they know what they really don’t know”. As early as two years old children has to prove themselves to authorities higher than them that they know something. It is evident in the numerous fill in the blanks of ABC’s and 1,2,3s as well as the countless repeat after mes. Come elementary and high school, children are introduced to the pressure of keeping up and competing with their fellow students. Students will be trained and tested. They will take countless quizzes and exams to check if they have learned. They will be equipped and they will be weighed and they will be measured. It is a never ending battle of proving yourself to the people around you.

       Transitioning from high school to college can be quite a challenge. Student will face series of choices, choices that will determine their future. Students will have to decide for themselves where to go to school, what course to take, and what career to purse. While deciding for their future, the students will also have to take in different factors such as the compatibility of their chosen career to their knowledge on the subjects related to that course and this is where open admissions makes a difference.

    One of University of Mindanao’s open admission policy’s advantages is that students from different walks of life are welcome to study and learn in an environment that they are accepted regardless of their previous academic records. Students from high school or even student that has transferred from another school are also given the opportunity to have a clean slate. Students are given a fresh start, a new beginning in which they are not categorized on how much they have learned in their past but are given the chance to learn more with a leveled playing field. Students are encouraged to pursue their chosen career without the fear of being not good enough. The students are given the freedom of choosing a career they want to pursue without being compartmentalize on “this is where you are good at according to the results of the tests”. Students are given the chance to explore and learn new things and develop new skills.

       As University of Mindanao envision having a leading institution of higher learning recognized for its quality transformative education serving the nation and the world, It’s open admission policy sure is a stepping stone in achieving the vision of its founders.