The One With The Message In Song

Dili sayon ang pagsunod kang Kristo
Daghang tunok ang dalan nga agian mo
Bug-at ang krus nga pas-anon mo
Ug kamatayon naa maghulat kanimo


Moved by the sight of our outreach pastor singing this song together with one member of his local church, they went down the mountains to join us for our Good Friday service. Only two of them sang but the song echoed through the place and pierced my soul. Every word rings true.


Ang Payo Ni Paul


Sabi ni Paul sa mga Timothy ng ngayon

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. – 1 Timothy 4:12

Sabi ko naman sa mga Paul ng ngayon

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are old. You are never too old to start over again. It is not  foolishness to live a life far from being safe. It takes courage to walk away from something that doesn’t work. It is courageous to step out from a place where you don’t grow.

Ang Culture Shock


Culture Shock.
People cursing loudly at class,
Joking about suicide,
Laughing and telling someone who’s reporting in front to
“just sit down and finish it already”
Just because he can’t pronounce the words correctly.
Lack of submission.
Entitlement issues.

Compassion over complacency, Lord please. Ayaw ko pong  masanay.

Ang Ligaya


Few minutes ago, the national dental board exam results was release at mga mem…DENTISTA NA YUNG MGA KABARKADA KO!

After quitting dentistry, I thought I will regret it once I saw my friends passing the boards. I thought that when this day comes I will see flashbacks of my dent life. But here I am with tears of joy and pigil na sigaw dahil sa excitement.

I was with them since day one and witnessed their struggles. The broke days because of trips to dental supply store. The stress of balancing classes and clinical works. I’ve seen them frustrated with agents and patients that went AWOL.  I’ve seen them weary from the countless “repeat”. I’ve seen them ranting. I’ve seen them sigh. I’ve seen them cry and now I see them succeed and my heart is bursting of pride and joy for them.

Tonight is a proof that God answers prayers and He is faithful to finish what He has started. Tonight is a proof that God answers prayers and He is not finish with me yet.

I can finally say this with much conviction. Mga mem, I have moved on.