The One with Growth in Separation

Today, I praise and thank God for growth. Growth together and apart. Growth palpable and unnoticeable. Growth in all kinds and form and yes, even the growing pains.

Thank you Lord for not leaving me the way you found me. 


The One with Ctrl + S

So, I forgot to save the file I was working on this afternoon. It’s a web design for our 1st exam on interactive media. Just when you thought thay years of lay-out and editing would make me learn my lesson of pressing ctrl + s as you go along. 
Phlegmatic that I am I didn’t mind losing the file. First, the deadline’s on friday and I still have a lot of time to make  a new one and second, Kuya Aron Wright is…right. “you always build it better the second time around”.
Ctrl + S.
The idea of pressing ctrl + s as you go along with your work is done with the purpose  of retrieval: to reclaim or redeem something in case it get lost.
I can’t help but think of my need to be redeemed, reclaimed and retrieved every single day of my life. 
It easy to forget. 
When life goes on its course and you are forced to run along with it. It’s easy to rush into the race and forget a lot of things. Its easy to get lost in the middle of it all. 
I worked on my exam today to save time. How often do I rush to finish something quickly so I can move on to other tasks. How often do I jump from one project to another and making sure I get to finish it earliest as possible thinking it would save me time and energy. 
I make an effort to save time, energy and money but often times forget the important hings that need a lot of ctrl + s.
I can’t help but think of my need to be redeemed, reclaimed and retrieved every single day of my life. 
It easy to forget.

The One With The Message In Song

Dili sayon ang pagsunod kang Kristo
Daghang tunok ang dalan nga agian mo
Bug-at ang krus nga pas-anon mo
Ug kamatayon naa maghulat kanimo


Moved by the sight of our outreach pastor singing this song together with one member of his local church, they went down the mountains to join us for our Good Friday service. Only two of them sang but the song echoed through the place and pierced my soul. Every word rings true.

Ang Spoken Word Ni Peter


“He was looking at me
When I lied
He was looking at me
As I denied
that I knew Him
In front of a crowd
My Rabbi
Staring at me from across the courtyard
Surrounded by guards
He was looking at me

And the sound of my betrayal
Bouncing off the walls
A sound all of us
A sound only I
and my Rabbi
If only the rest of them
heard my heart, pounding
The Thunder behind my chest, roaring
This inner storm, raging
They would know
that I was lying

And that despite the words I said
At the back of my head
I remember the first day we met
I remember the sea, my empty nets
my lack of faith, His invitation
I remember abandoning my boat
Without hesitation

And jerusalem was never the same
Since the day he came
He passed by this desert, like rain

He was life, breathed into the air
He was hope, in this city of despair
He was love, where the only thing familiar was law
He was love

He taught us how to love

five thousand people were fed
with a few loaves of bread

With the brokenness He mended
Through the words that He said

To Him sinners, were friends
Thieves, forgiven
He called God His father and said we
Are His children

The Sea of Galilee will never be the same
And the waves are shouting my name
Calling me Forgetful Peter

Reminding me of
When He walked on water
When He called me to Himself
When I stepped on liquid floor, and slowly sank
When He reached out His hand

Oh, Galilee,
Home to a thousand hurts He held and healed
I failed to mention, that
I am a fisherman, by profession
But when I met this Man who loved like an ocean

I suddenly forgot how to swim
And I’ve been drowning, ever since

They led him away
He was beaten, mocked and scorned
They placed upon His head, a crown
Of thorns
He bled down the roads
On his way to a cross Where He died

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, crucified

My years out at sea
Did not prepare me
For this calm, after the storm
This devastating silence
After loss
Violent waves of regret hit me
Over and over
The shore is not in sight
My light is gone
And unbearable is the night
I want to tell Him I’m sorry
For not being steady
As He said I would be
I am not Peter
Without my cornerstone, I am not a rock
Without Jesus
I am Simon
I am

They buried him,
In a rich man’s tomb
The days went by like a blur
The rest of us tried to start over
But where do you go
when you lose the way
The truth
And the life

After three days, his tomb was open
I ran to where He should be
but His body was not there
I wonder
If he said anything about this
I can’t remember
I can’t remember

I did not have a choice
But to return to the life I had before him
Back to my old familiar boat,
My empty nets
Spent all night trying to catch fish
But all I remember was Him telling me to fish
for men
My nets are still empty

I bet if I threw my heart out at sea
It will drown
I will still drown

My thoughts are interrupted
By the command of a man from the shore
He said throw your net on the other side
Surely you’ll catch more

And we did
and I have been here before
And i look to the shore
And I couldn’t believe it

I bet he heard my heart, pounding
This thunder in my chest, roaring
This inner storm, raging
And without hesitation
I abandoned my boat
Left my outer cloak
And all my regrets
Carried my empty heart
My dead heart
And watched it slowly regain a beat
Like a dying ember
Getting closer to the heat

My Lord is alive
The tomb couldn’t keep him inside
His love cannot be contained
His grace cannot be kept inside the grave

His scars show my healing
Despite my offenses
His forgiveness is still winning

I do not know what I ever did to
Deserve a second chance
I look to my Savior
And know I am forever in His hands”

Written by Krizia Almaira Ablaza
Performed by Alfonso Yap III

Ang Payo Ni Paul


Sabi ni Paul sa mga Timothy ng ngayon

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. – 1 Timothy 4:12

Sabi ko naman sa mga Paul ng ngayon

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are old. You are never too old to start over again. It is not  foolishness to live a life far from being safe. It takes courage to walk away from something that doesn’t work. It is courageous to step out from a place where you don’t grow.